Single In Marbella

by Karina Miller

Romantic, funny and seriously sexy.
This is a novel that you won’t be able to put down.

When Adele finds herself single again, she has to learn to navigate the single scene in Marbella. She goes through every emotion in the book with her newly acquired single friends and her new love Luuk Janssen. Adele falls hard for her sexy Dutch man and is heading for a few surprises.

The girls have some seriously hilarious times together as they bond and enjoy all that Marbella’s crazy night life has to offer.

As the story heats up, so do the lies, the passion, the laughter and tears.

The girls get up to all sorts as their lives as singletons in Marbella is revealed.


by Karina Miller

Heart breaking but hilarious, and totally addictive,
this novel will leave you on the edge.

Adele has to face her loss.

She pulls herself together with the help of her friends who take her off to New York for what turns out to be a wild time together. Some more characters are added to her life to confuse her even more. The gorgeous William Hamilton Black and irresistibly charming Kristoff King to be precise.

Adele continues to carry her love for Luuk with her through this book and he is never far from her thoughts.

The girls stories are literally hilarious, hot, sexy and seriously entertaining as they continue to party on in Marbella.


Marbella and Beyond

by Karina Miller

Full of adventure, a story of love, laughter,
passion and of course the odd tear.

Left feeling shocked and confused Adele and Anushka decide to take off to the other side of the world to get away from Marbella and everything that was going on. Asia would be the perfect place, Singapore to be exact.

Once again they get into all sorts of situations as they try to escape reality. They stumble across the billionaire life as another huge character enters Adele’s life.

A chance meeting with Kace Chevrolet sends the story in another direction as they experience all that the VVIP world has to offer.

The story continues as characters from the past appear and Adele has to make some decisions.