Karina Miller

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Growing up I had no real idea of what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that the UK wasn't for me and Europe was calling. Being a Serbian/Scottish mix, I have definitely inherited some interesting genes.

The first ten years of my life were spent in Essex and I really don't remember much about that. The next ten were spent in central Scotland in the most beautiful countryside which, from memory, I didn't really appreciate at the time.

In my early twenties I took off on holiday to Portugal and never came back. Lol! I have always been a little wild, so this seemed like a good plan to me and it turned out that it was, as after spending most of my life abroad I have accumulated some hilarious and compelling stories.

Being a party girl at heart, with a wild spirit, crazy things invariably happen to me. I have always managed to have a great time, attracting and welcoming adventure wherever I may be and getting myself into mad situations that most people couldn't dream!

In years gone by, I would often take a drive from the Algarve to Marbella for a weekend with my friends and it would always take a month to recover; Marbella was always undoubtedly on another level as far as partying was concerned.

And so, after over twenty years in the Algarve and a couple of relationships later, I finally moved to Marbella where I once again found myself single. The kids had all flown the nest and I was left in Marbella feeling twenty again. The six years that followed were packed with so many crazy stories that during this time I was simply compelled to write the Marbella Series.

I partied hard with my single friends and, wow, did we party!? Four times a week to be precise - I'm still wondering how I'm alive. Lol! Marbella is indeed a very special place.

My mother, being a writer, always told me that I had at least three books to write about my crazy life, which I haven't even started on yet, and although the Single in Marbella series starts with some reality about me, Adele quickly turns into a fictional character which is carried on through all the books.

So, while all of my books are strictly fiction there is an element of truth in all of them, just how much will never be divulged!

There is definitely a little part of Adele in me.

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